Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding and Winter Wonderland Dance dress?

I need to buy a dress to waer to my cousin's wedding and a Winter Wonderland Dance at my school. I'm 13 and in Middle School. I have to wear the same one to both, because were pretty tight on money. I'm 5 ft, dark brown hair, brown eyes, bigger in the chest area, and not fat, but not skinny. For the Winter Wondlerland Dance we're suppose to wear something formal, but not like prom dresses or anything. And at the wedding, I don't won't to be too dressed up. And I absolutly have to wear the same dress. What do you think about this dress? And what are some more ideas of what to waer? [[links please]] And if you can tell me, how should I wear my hair to the dance? My hair is about and inch past my shoulders. Thanks a lot. %26lt;3Makenzie


Wedding and Winter Wonderland Dance dress?

This is a pretty dress for wedding and dance.

You can wear panti hose (nude colored) and short black heels to dress it up. For the dance you may want a shawl, or a bolero jacket because it gets cold outside.

Hair down would be nice as well if it will be a cold evening.

Wedding and Winter Wonderland Dance dress?

Your dress looks beautiful. For my winter dance, I wore a long emerald eveing gown. I also wore a snowflake tiara that i found online at

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