Thursday, July 30, 2009

BeSTCoLoR :) ??

so my high school semi formal is coming up in a couple weeks and i really need a dress! im in grade 11. i was just wondering what kind of dress would look good on me? im 5'7", 115llb. i have long platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. kinda tanned but not really anymore lol. All l i know right now is that i want a short dress (above the knee). also what color of dress do you think would look best on me? (i dont want black) maybe either red, blue or gold? and if you have any links to dresses that would also be appreciated! thanks so much! :)

BeSTCoLoR :) ??


light or dark depending on how dark your eyes are.


hope i helped.

BeSTCoLoR :) ??

white always looks god on blonds. there are some on this site but some arn't eally apropriate to were to school. the winter white home coming dress is nice and same with white cocktail dress. green is also cute on blonds.

good luck

BeSTCoLoR :) ??

If you don't like the colors try this site:

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