Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How should i do my makeup? :)?

mysemi formal is coming up soon and i was wondering how i should do my makeup? i have long platinum blonde hair (i think im having it done in waves) blue eyes and fairly light skin. oh and my dress is dark purple with gold shimmer on it

How should i do my makeup? :)?

well you should do basic face foundation, and try a peach bluch or light bronzer on your cheeks,nose, chin and T-zone! it gives demension! and definetly do light bronzer or peach bc you said you ahd fair skin. and for your eyes exaggrate them and your lips you wan them to standout! but practice before your formal. for eye color try golds and browns it works for all eye colors and it will compliment your dress. hope this helps good luck!

How should i do my makeup? :)?

put a purple shade on your lid that matches your dress and a golden sparley, but not too golden, shadow on your brow bone.

How should i do my makeup? :)?

go a natural color.

go with bare minerals.

get the golden sheer color for the overall face,

and the bronzer on the cheeks

because your hair is blonde, it reflects off the color of your skin.

blue eyes go well with every color.

just dont exagerate with deep dark colors. or even bright colors.

you don't wanna look like a dragqueen.

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