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Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

please dont give answers like a suit and dress shoes...........i know that !!!

please give specifics of everything from head to toe...i am wearing a black suit with white strips.....

please tell me the colour of the shirt.....wht kind of hair.....specifics abt everything else.....

if u want to be age and placement appropriate.....

i am 17 and this interview is for summer co-op placement at a health care facility. i am 5'7"and 135lbs........

the question sounds stupid but i am just really confused!!!

its highschool level only =)

but theres abt 200 people for 1 spot..... =(

my first "formal" interview..... =(

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

Hmm... a black suit with white pinstripes, huh?

Okay, I'd go with a nice white blouse (pressed and ironed, maybe silk), black pointy shoes with a one-to-two inch heel, a black purse, and pearl, gold, or diamond jewelry.

Keep your make-up very natural, smile a whole bunch and do your hair into a cute side-pony or a bun.

Hope this helped! :)

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!? hair. for a shirt, just have a regular white shirt underneath your suit top make sure it is ironed(no wrinkles) , for shoes just wear some nice black shoes maybe pointed like someone else said with a small heel, for accessories just have a simple necklace with maybe a simple cross or just a small chain(nothing too fancy) you could also have a small diamond a necklace is all you need maybe some diamond stud earings or pearl would be good too. For your hair, maybe have it straight and maybe part it to the side, you could have it in a nice bun too for makeup have neutral colors, that could go with your skin tone.

Hope this helps, hope you get the job =) good luck~!*~!*~!

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

Clean and simple, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

The suit sounds fine. As for the color of the shirt you can pick any variety of colors. Statistics say that blue is a color seen as truthful. As for your hair and make up, don't over do it. You don't want to go in for the interview looking like you are headed to some wild party. So wear your hair anyway you want as long as it isn't to out there. As for make up lean toward a neutral day time look. Keep jewelry simple. Studies say that if you are interviewing with a woman to wear a small amount of perfume and if interviewing with a man wear your normal level of perfume. Good luck with the interview. Hope you get it.

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

Where a colorful shirt-red, blue, pink. It can be a shell/tank type, or a blouse. Unless the stripes are wide, then stick to a white top.

Shoes: you can wear black pumps with a little heel or a ballet flats. Do not wear anything "fun", open toed, or bright colors and do not wear white shoes.

Minimal accessories, not a lot of jewelry, maybe smal learrings, necklace and watch.

Keep your hair neatly styled . You can wear a black %26amp;/or white headband (or one that matches your blouse) if your style looks good with one.

Make-up shuold be minimal.

You are in high school so they will not expect you to look like you are in a board room.

NO perfume. People are very sensitive these days especially in medical facilities.

Fingernails should not be too long but nicely filed, and in clear or neutral colors.


Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

If I were you going to an interview I would go with the black %26amp; white striped shirt (Sleeved or No sleeved) with black bottoms (The dress pants) I would wear black high heels with it also. Wear your hair up in a formal bun or ponytail or down.

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

wear a nice white cami, with lace on top. And for the shoes wear a nice pair of pointed pumps.(preferably black) for your hair wear it in an updo. For your makeup dont do it dramatic wear a nice peachy lipgloss with a light eyeliner, and gold eye shimmer.


You should put on vasline on your hands beafore bed to make them extra soft. for shaking your soon to be bosses hand.


Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

!) Is your suit a black with small white pinstripe? If the weather permits, wear a soft, lightweight turtleneck (or mock turtle) in a color you love, anything except gray, brown or beige. It's a young and lively look while still looking professional. And the little bit of flattering color will help you stand out among so many applicants.

Wear you hair in a smooth sleek style. Loose, but pulled back with a very plain thin headband, pulled up in a banana clip, or pulled back in a low ponytail, fastened with a long barrette of a simple design.

Wear black shoes, not too dressy (not too open, medium to low heels), and sheer black or sheer natural pantyhose.

Wear light make-up, very naturally applied. No dark eyeliner, and use a neutral eyeshadow or a soft color that matches your eye color or a soft version of the color of your shirt.

Most important of all, make clothing choices that make you feel comfortable and natural! If you feel stiff and uncomfortable, you'll be perceived that way. It's important to be yourself, just a little more professional-appearing than usual.

Good luck on your interview!

Hmmm......interview......... should i wear??!??!!!?

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