Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prom dress......?

this is my formal dress for this dance called black adn white and it's like prom for my grade. how should i do my hair? what acessories? how should i do my make up?

Prom dress......?

i love the dress btw


ring white or red:

shoes: if you dont have any

earrings: i really like what the did in the picture:


If your hair is wavy or curly...

Begin with sopping-wet hair (blot gently with a towel to remove drips, but don't rub).

Apply a silicone hair serum to hair, concentrating on the ends. Start with a dime-size drop of serum and add more if you need it.

Blot with a towel (again, don't rub).

Next, apply a curl-enhancing mousse to hair, from roots to ends. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb to make sure mousse has coated all strands. Now gently shake your head so your natural curls begin to form. Wind your natural curls around a finger to help define them.

If you have the time, allow hair to air dry completely. If not, blow dry hair with a diffuser attachment on your dryer. Don't touch or scrunch hair as you dry; instead, hold the diffuser underneath hair.

Once hair is completely dry, gently run your hands over it -- not through it -- to break up any crunchiness left by the mousse. Finish by smoothing a drop of hair cream over any fuzzy or frizzy areas.

If your hair is straight...

Apply a texturizing balm to damp hair, and comb it through to make sure it's evenly distributed.

Plug in a set of hot rollers to allow them time to heat up while you dry your hair.

Next, flip your head over and blowdry the roots, using your fingers to tousle and scrunch your hair as you dry.

When hair is fully dry, flip head back up.

Separate a small section of hair (about two inches wide), and roll onto a roller. Hold the roller vertically as you wind your hair onto it; pin the roller at your scalp. Repeat all over your head. Give rollers about five minutes to cool down, then gently remove. You'll have very defined ringlets.

Put a bit of hair cream into the palm of your hand, and smooth over the ringlets to break them up a bit. Finish with a mist of strong-hold hairspray.

Prom dress......?

i love it

Prom dress......?

its pwetty-ful. put your hair in a headband. and curl it

Prom dress......?

your hair should be down and wavy.

Try to pull off red lipstick with that dress. It can't always be done so evaluate carefully.

Prom dress......?

an updo is perfect for that dress!

Prom dress......?

But it's a Black and White dance, and your dress has red...


Prom dress......?

Thats really cute. Straighten your hair and put a white headband and leave your bangs out.

Prom dress......?

you should have your hair down or at least part way down and you should wear a silver or red necklace . wear light makeup not to much as that would look really weird with that dress maybe some silver eyeliner lipgloss and mascara would be fine

Prom dress......?

It looks like a shorter version of a dress I had for a barbie when I was a kid.

I don't know what you look like so I don't know how to help you with hair and make up. But as far as accessories I would just wear a bracelet and some earrings.

Prom dress......?

where ur hair very curlynot in a headband and for makeup try some dramatic eye liner but have ur mom do it so it looks clean

Prom dress......?

It's really pretty!

Curl your hair.

Wear a red purse and shoes.

Makeup should be a smokey eye with clear lipgloss!

Hope Ihelped. (:

Prom dress......?

HAIR: Put it into a chunky red headband and then curl the bottom like Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical 1%26amp;2.

MAKE-UP: Wear some gold eyeshadow with pitch-black mascara and a bit of smudged eyeliner

Prom dress......?

I %26lt;3 it!!!!

for hair waer it down.. depends how long it is.. straighten it and have a bump..( thats sorta it...)

for makeup wear it simple, black mascara/liner with clear lip gloss.. or do smokey eyes

wear a red chunky necklace, and maby a bracelet..( )

i love the dress!!

xo- D

Prom dress......?

I love that dress =)

keep the makeup simple , maybe some red lipgloss/stick though.and some white shiny eyeshadow . and do your hair down since its a strapless dress and wavy or curly depending on how long it is. how about one of those long necklaces with the beads they have at like walmart in red or white and go around 2-3 times so it has a few layers. I looked everywhere for a picture sorry. and a red chunky bracelet .

Prom dress......?

okayy. this sounds like the funnest [or 'most fun' if you are a grammer freak lol] question to answer!

i would do my hair in kind of a keira knightly way. you know the cute loose waves but at the same time kind of like cool and classy. i would get this necklace :

or this one:

and as for make up, i would wear this eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes:

then for the eyeshadow. i think you should almost blend it in with the eyeliner to create the smokey eye look. or however you do that thing. i would also recomend using black eyeshaddow, i think isnt that what they use for the smokey eyed for the eyeshaddow heres this link:

i hope this helped and good luck


Prom dress......?

i really like the one on the top to the right (the blonde hair one) its

or what would be really cute and simple just curling your hair very loosely and putting a hair tie to hold it in place and a red ribbon to decorate

and i would go with this kind of makeup and red lips

and for earrings

and for a braclet

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