Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm in desperate need of some intense hair advice!?

I need to find a Hair style that will fit my face, and not look like a Disatster.I'm a native American halfbreed,and My hair is Now black,but its been died SO many times I can't even remeber what my natural hair color is! I'm MORE THAN willing to die my hair,and cut my hair short.Right now thats basicaly what I want to do something totaly new.I hate having the same hair cut, and color for more than yeah I'll gladly accept ANY advice I can get.I think it might make a difference if I tell you Im into the(even though I HATE LABELS)Goth(NOT SITANIC),Emo,Punk look.BUT what I have to tell you is that I need natural colors for school I did recently have blue in it but had to go black for a formal event. THANK YA'LL SO MUCH!!!(plz show/give pics) My face is a squarish shape,and I have hazel eyes that are a murky golden brown most of the time,and I might be getting sapphire,or ice blue contacts.I'm a medium tan,with a slight chub look to my face.w/ Slim eye brows,+ a pierced nose.

I'm in desperate need of some intense hair advice!?

Ok sounds like you got bored of hair cuts and things but just look through mags at the hair dresser, ask the hair dresser what would suit spuare face or just look up on the intrnet in google 'What hair styles suit spuare shaped faces' find one you like and print it take to the hair dresser. I there arnt many you like a hair dresser will always show you a nice one you like just explain what you kinda would like. By the way colour always leave natural colour suits ant type of person better then any other colour other wise why would you have that colour?? let your dye grow out over the holidays, and then enhance your natural its WILL suit you better then any died colour.

Tell us how it goes... Evalynn

I'm in desperate need of some intense hair advice!?


maybe you should go to this website %26amp; see which hairstyle would suite u .

just click on beauty %26amp; style and work ur way from there.

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