Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

Our school had an 8th grade banquet and it's pretty formal. Most girls are going to wear mid thigh to knee length dresses. I'm having problems finding a dress, though. I am 5'1, weigh 105, have a more of an atheletic shaped body so showing a little leg would be o.k. I'm half- Asian so I have a light tan, but most colors look good on me. I have big, almond-shaped eyes and like to wear black make-up (but not too much) for a smokey eye effect. My hair is shoulder length (but I'm hoping to grow it out an inch or two before then), side parted, layered, and dark brown- almost black. If you find a nice dress, then send me a link. Suggestions are great too! Thanks! :)

Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

I would say paler colours would suit you and don't worry about your build, athletic figures can get away with most things, something like this would be nice:





Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

I'm at school so I don't have time to look for a dress but I recommend a bright color b/c it would look good with your black hair. white, pink, blue, yellow, creme, green

Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

you should stick to the warm colors: yellow, orange, red, pink. they'd look really nice. if you have an athletic shape, try not to wear a halter or strapless dress because that might make your shoulders look too broad. a regular spaghetti strap would look good

have fun!

Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

I thought this one would be most appropriate


Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

There is a beautiful dress by Submarine "Shanghai Yellow Dress" on the website isabeetweens.com. I think this dress would be stunning on you. Or check out the other dresses on this website I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Eight Grade Banquet Dress?

I'm having a banquet this year too, and I've been looking for dresses. I like pale gold, light pink, white, black, black%26amp;white, and I bet red would look great on you, since you have dark hair and a dark complexion. Have fun!! :]

try: www.macys.com

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