Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prom crisis. Help!?

The daughter of a guy friend of mine is going to prom and is having trouble finding a dress. Is there anywhere on the internet that shows what style formal dresses look best on certain builds?

His daughter is about 5閳?, busty, medium build. Very beautiful, long strawberry blonde/brown hair. Medium skin tone with a beautiful spray of freckles on her face.

I think she would look stunning in a wedding gown, Cinderella-style gown. She like the long, tight, sleek, straight-fit gowns.

I閳ユ獓 like to find resources for her to look at that show body types in different styles of gowns. Unfortunately her prom is this coming weekend!

My friend is a single parent and he tries really hard to be supportive and would really like to make this special. She閳ユ獨 been looking for some time with no luck. We went to the store today and it made her feel sick and she couldn閳ユ獩 even look.

Thanks for your help!

Prom crisis. Help!?


This is also a fun website to look around for prom. My prom is also this weekend. A lot of times, if you can go to a town nearby that already had prom, you can find good sales. Department stores also have sales around prom time.

I hope she finds a dress she likes in time.

Prom crisis. Help!?

GO to www.PromDressShop.com and e-mail them. They can answer most questions and have dresses for every figure type.

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