Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Messy hair style for a female?

My hair is straight, slightly past shoulder length and 'milk chocolate' brown. I was wondering if anybody could tell me of a unique, messy hairstyle, that will suit formal wear.

(It's for a prom night, by the way)

The dress I'm wearing is corseted, 'gothic'-inspired and has quite intricate patterns on the bodice.

Bizarre request, I know, but can anybody suggest something?

(ps: I'm not into this stupid 'scene-girl' fashion and I don't want to look like somebody who should be apart of Hi-5...)

;D Thanks guys!

Messy hair style for a female?

Curl your hair, into very light waves. Then seperate the front section of your hair away into a clip (Later this can be swept across)

Then backcomb your hair (Brushing in the wrong direction) and push back into a high ponytail. Then twist it over and support it with clips.

Use lots of hairspray to keep it firm.

The more backcombing the better.

Dont forget to sweep your fringe at the end.

It looks gorgeous.

Messy hair style for a female?

Why not try some chunky, loose, messy waves?

Not the tight ringlets look, but more so like the tight ringlets look after being slept on for two days.

Messy hair style for a female?

GO here. I would suggest the girl on the bottem left. hope this helps!!! http://www.showclix.com/event_pictures/s...


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