Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homecoming!!! help.?

OKAY. I just got asked to homecoming and i dont really understand what it is us girls are supposed to wear. Some people say short dresses, some people say long dresses. I have a dress in mind but I'm not sure if its formal enough. Here it is:


I have blonde-ish hair, blue/gray/green eyes, pretty pale and i am tall and kinda skinny, so I'm not really sure what kind of dress would fit my body type, or what colors.

ALSO i have short hair, heres a picture:


%26amp; i have absolutely no idea what to do with it for homecoming. That pic shows how i usually wear it and its not long enough to put back or curl so I'm lost.

So any tips, hair/makeup/dress/shoes ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated!

:] Thanks


Homecoming!!! help.?

Well, how formal your dress should be depends on how formal your Homecoming is... ask around, since some of your friends may have been to one before, and know what the current style is. If it's kinda casual, the dress in your pic is cute. If more formal, you have some shopping to do!

Your hair is cute, and looks kind of on the fine-side. You could put some volumizer or a little mousse at the roots and blow it dry upside down. That gives my fine hair some lift and makes it look more special.

Just jazz up your normal makeup routine to make it more dressy -- don't go crazy, because you should never try new things on the night of the dance!

Have fun!

Homecoming!!! help.?

i think the dress is cute, but i would go with something a bit more formal for homecoming!!

Homecoming!!! help.?

I agree with sweet pea, the dress is adorable but you might want one just a bit more formal homecoming. A medium length is usually best for homecoming. I would say a pretty blue halter strapped dress would work best. Blue because it would bring out your eyes and halter because of your hair (which I love the cut by the way).

As for styling your hair I would try and just curl in the bottoms to add a little bit more volume and for your bangs and the front curl them in or get them to curl just a bit. Then depending on the color of the dress if you got a dark blue I would do silver open toed high heels and a bit of silver eyeshadow for some sparkle and highlights to your eyes and yoru regular liner to make it all pop

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