Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wat to wear???

ummm, yeah easter is cumin up and idk wat to wear to church on sunday wen it is supposed to be formal bc it is a very important day! ummm ne ideas. oh how should i do my hair bc i have medium to long brown hair with sideswept bangs and highlites

Wat to wear???

1) Skirt or dress with the light colors of, pink blue yellow white or green

%26gt;%26gt; if you wear a skirt you could prob. wear your hair down with a few clips to keep your bangs out of your face [or you could wear braids]

%26gt;%26gt; if you wear a dress you could prob. do the same thing as the skirt idea or you could put your hair up in a bun

-pony tail

-twist around the hair band

-tighten securly with a light color hair band

remember to wear a necklace or bracelet to complete


Wat to wear???

Buy a HOT Black dress

Wat to wear???

Get a pretty sun dress in a bright color like yellow or pink and curl your hair with big curls

Wat to wear???

Just wear a cute summer dress. Summer dresses are so comfy. If it's a little chilly, throw on a cute jacket.

Wat to wear???

were your hair up out of your but than yet it all depends on what you ware though too but if its something on the more casual side you should ware it up so you have some kind of dressy up look.

Wat to wear???

u should get a yellow halter dress

yellow is in now

and if u get cold year a mini white jacket

for hair the bangs that r in front bobby pin back with big curls for the rest!

Wat to wear???

ok so keep your outfit in the pastels or in spring colors. i like the high neck ruffle tops and a skirt. it looks better than it sounds just check out these two links

Wat to wear???

like everyone said, do a summer dress. with fun colors and prints:;jsessi...

paired with nice ballet flats or maybe some pumps/high heels/wedges:)

oh and try charlotte russe. the website too. i just can't get into the website because my connection is down!

or like a babydoll dress with leggings and the same shoes as i mentioned above:)

oh oops i didn't read the "hair question" part. so i think you should curl it and put it up in a ponytail. but your sidebangs wouldn't be in the ponytail. get it? OR waved hair, half up half down.

thats all i could find hahah

Wat to wear???

I'd say since it's formal and for church, you want a cuter outfit. Possibly a multi-colored floral dress or a cute yellow one, a white knit cardigan, and wedge heel sandals:


A knit detailed cardigan to keep the dress from being too reveailing:

Then a cute wedge heel sandal in either a neutral or a cute complimentary color like green:

(natural if the link didn't work)


For your hair I would wear it half up, half down in a cute clip with the ends curled up. For your make up keep it light and classy since it's for church. A light shimmery eye, a sogt peachy cheek, and pink glossy lips. Hope this helps you out!

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