Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet 16 ideas?

I want a small party with about 15 people. I was thinking of a hotel and limo and dinner with fancy dresses. I was thinking I would decorate the hotel rooms in a theme and do activities along that theme. We would wear semi-formal dresses to dinner. Does anyone have any other ideas or ways to expand? Money is limited. We were also thinking of hiring someone to do makeovers and hair.

Sweet 16 ideas?


go skating, shopping, or something TOTALLY out there. Dont leet anyone talk you down. Maybe go to a spa day with freinds, or a cross country raod trip!

Sweet 16 ideas?

hahaha. seriously? are you from beverly hills or something? its not as big a deal as you think. i had 3 friends over and listenened to music and watched movies all night at my house. ate a gallon of ice cream and a box of popcorn. it was great! dont try and grow up too fast. after graduation, it all goes downhill AND goes by quickly.

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