Thursday, July 23, 2009

Date fashions question!?

I want boys and girls opinions: boys for what they like, and girls for in-style ideas.

My style is kind of a preppy-formal.

What should you wear for the following dates:


-dinner at a "nice" restaurant

-dinner at a "casual" restaurant

-park, hiking, nature walk, etc.


-hanging out at the mall

-ice cream

I would like hair styles, outfits, accesories, makeup, shoes, EVERYTHING.

Less expensive clothes are loved,

and links our loved.


Date fashions question!?

What should you wear for the following dates:

-movie- kacki slack, nice shirt, a sweater for the ac- hair down-less makeup

-dinner at a "nice" restaurant- small black dress, hair up-more makeup

-dinner at a "casual" restaurant- same as movie

-park, hiking, nature walk, etc.- shorts, good shoes, ball cap- little makeup-backpack

-concert-something you can puke on

-ice cream- go naked

I love the Zorro outfit- that would work anyplace

Date fashions question!?

-movie: Optimus Prime costume

-dinner at a "nice" restaurant: Jango Fett's Mandalorian armor

-dinner at a "casual" restaurant: Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor

-park, hiking, nature walk, etc.: ninja outfit

-concert: Star Trek uniform

-hanging out at the mall: Master Chief's MJOLNIR Mk VI armor

-ice cream: Zorro outfit

Date fashions question!?

Do you mean less expensive as in like Abercrombie %26amp; Fitch?

Or like lesser then that? Be specific...

%26gt;concert- deff jeans and a tee

%26gt;dinner at a "nice" restaurant- check out "Gossip Girl"

%26gt; icecream- anything

%26gt; mall- cute tightish jeans and a tee like on that just says "Hollister" or something.

%26gt; nature- it doesn't matter

%26gt; dinner at a "casual" restaurant- prob. a skirt with a compatible top.

As for shoes, and make up it depends how old you are.

If you are young young.. here are some links.

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