Thursday, July 23, 2009


what should i do with my hair and make-up

my dress is short and black

i have a little above the shoulder straight dark brown hair with lots of layers and side bangs, my natural texture is wavy but it looks stupid with the cut so i want to keep it straight

i have big brown eyes and full lips, i tend to want to play up the eyes

thanks in advance!


Here ya go!


Hair should be:

Make up:

black eyeliner and mascara try to go dark and full so people can tell it will look so cute(:

lip gloss is a must go for a dark pink or red color!

fondation should match your skin tone and make sure its rubbed in good use powder, pquid makes you look a little fake(:

then find a loose, sheer powder and dust lightly over entire face and throat area with a powder brush to "set" makeup once look is finished!

hope this helped* - Tori%26lt;3

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