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How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Ok Im planning for a formal dance this weekend!! Im wearing a red strapless ballgown with a red scraf and tiara. (so very dressed up!!) Although I have no idea how to wear my make up with it. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I just don't even know where to start! Your Idea's Please!!^_^

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Hey, do this up right, set an appointment with a professional (Estee Lauder, etc.) and have them do it for the occasion. You'll start out your evening feeling like a princess! Have fun.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Smokey eyes and red lips.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

i would go with either a smokey grey eye, or a bright gold sparkly eye, depending on your age, go sparkley and gold if real young, smokey and dark if a little older. No pinks blues or reds for the face

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Keep your makeup light (eyeshadow), a dark liner and heavy mascara (top lashes only). use a lipstick in the red family, but not pure red, very tacky.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

I say go with a neutral shimmer power for your eyes and cheeks, mascara and some red tinted gloss. Because your clothes are so colorful and your eyes are blue, you don't want to mix anymore colors in or you'll look to busy. Good luck!

Another thing to give you a flare, is use some red eye shadow on the upper lid on the outside and make it blend and go upwards this will bring attention to your eyes and will go perfect with your dress and eye color.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Lose the scarf. Keep the tiara.

Use heavy greys and blacks as eyeshadow, make it look smokey. Wear a light red lip colour use a glossy kind.

Consider tanning before the event. hope this helps. I would go to MAC and get them to do your makeup....its easier...

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

the thing about make up is u should never wear too much. Since u are going to a formal dance u should opt for a darker eye makeup. You should alaways use darker eye makeup at night, go for a smokey eye look. For ur lips just use a light color of ur choice, maybe a gloss, like i said don't ever over due the make up. Have fun at ur dance!!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Do something natural so that it doesn't look too overdone.

I'll look online for something that would look good.

Click here:

It's very natural but still gorgeous.

You don't have to use those exact products, just something similar.

A melon colored blush on your cheekbones,

golden brown shadow colors (GORGEOUS on blue eyes. I have blue eyes and brown shades make them stand out soso much),

and a light pink gloss that isn't too shiny, so that it doesn't distract from the eyeshadow.

You'll look great!

Good luck!!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

were pink eyshadow and baful those eyelashes so the guys can see your eyes

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

there is so much red going on that should apply ur make-up light more on the natural side. use a nice shimmery brown for the eyes and a pink or brown lip gloss. of course u can use mascara and eyeliner to enhance ur eyes. nothing more.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

I would keep it simple, but elegant, especially if you have fair skin.

Find a foundation that suits your skin tone as a base (blend well around the jaw line esp. if your hair is up!). Use a little concealer under the eyes etc and to cover any blemishes.

Then I'd opt for neutral shades on the eyes that suit you, Your dress will look striking as its red, so dont over do it on the eyes. I have a similar complextion and usually go for light lilac or beige shades that just lift the look without standing out too much.

If you go for a non-impact shadow, you can afford to go for black eyeliner I'd say - line the upper and lower lids.

Then of course powder to stop shine, a light, natural bronzer around the cheekbones, corners of the forehead and neck and chest to blend. You might consider a light self tan product for fair skin as well like Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer spray (but do this a couple of days before)

Finally, curl your lashes and use a black / brown mascara and if the rest of the make up is quite neutral you could always opt for a striking red lipstick to complement the dress, depending how brave you're feeling...

Good luck and enjoy. Remember to take extra powder and lippie with you for top ups and no shine!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

if you use MACmake up i would suggest to use SHROOM as your base, then from the outer corner of your eyes using a brush blend in SATELITE DREAMS which is a purple then with a thin brush wet the tip a little and use HUMID to kinda line your eyes a little, you may also want to add some of the SATELITE DREAMS to the bottom of your eye for more a sharp look, don't forget to fill in your eyebrows and use mascara! they make your eyes look really pretty and then put a little blush on (not bronzer, you'll look too tanned!) i would use GINGERLY, and finally i would use a MAC lip gloss as well i would go for an orange LUSTERGLASS. LUSTERGLASS makes your lips really shiny and an orange tint goes really good with the purple (trust me the orange does not look bad, i have one!!!!!) GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

smoke ur eyes with silver and black not toooo much tho and use mascara and go lite on the lips if you are smoking ur eyes....

always match ur eyeshadows to ur eyecolor NEVER to what ur wearing!!!!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

ask someone whose makeup you really like

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

First get a faux tan!

Get your teeth all white!(baking soda works!)

Basic black mascara on upper lashes only.

Black eyeliner on upper outer lid.

Bronzer powder for cheeks!

Ditch the tiara for a diamond necklace (tennis style). Makes your face look bright %26amp; healthy!

Have fun!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Go sultry and vintage because not only is it very fashionable right now but it will work brilliantly with the red dress and your blonde hair. Think Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera.


Don't bother with a fake tan because that look is over now. Pale and interesting is what it's about this season. Use a really top quality foundation that matches your skin tone and set it off with a soft coating of powder to give your face a really flawless finish. Sweep some nude pink blusher upwards across the apples of your cheeks. Don't use anything that is too sugary pink or bronze. Then brush a tiny bit of pale shimmer powder with your fingers onto your cheekbones and blend this in.


Make sure your eyebrows are plucked and shaped nicely, then go over them carefully with a very dark brown kohl liner as this will open up your eyes and flatter your face. You need three shades of eyeshadow for a smouldering smoky look. Use a shimmery white or creamy shade lightly over your whole eyelids and blend upwards towards your brow bone, then blend a very dark shimmery grey eyeshadow into your sockets and from the middle of your lids into the outer corners. Then, add your middle shade, a paler mid-grey, to your inner corners and blend out towards the middle of your lid to meet the darker colour. Use a black kohl liner along your lower lashes, then line your lids with a black liquid eyeliner, keeping as close as possible to your lashes. Finish with two coats of jet black thickening mascara and you'll look amazing.


Put a tiny dab of foundation on your lips and smudge it in all over them. Then dust a little powder over the top of them. This will help your lip colour glide on and will make it last longer. Choose a ruby red lipstick and match your lip liner to this. Line your lips quite strongly all the way around, highlighting your natural shape and blend very softly with a finger. Then apply a coat of lipstick, preferably use a lip brush for a more professional look. Blot this softly with a tissue and then apply another coat. The take a very pale pink, shimmery lipstick (one that would almost be too pale to wear on its own) and put a tiny dot of it in the very centre of your lips and smudge softly together. This is a great tip for making your lips look fuller when you're wearing a strong colour on them. Blot again and then stick a finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and slide it out. This will get rid of any excess lipstick that could get on your teeth.

This stunning makeup will look great whether your hair is up or down. I hope you have a fab time and I'm sure you'll turn a lot of heads on the night!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

very pale lips! or even just gloss as red lips would be far too much red going on!

eyes - light brown shades creams, whites

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

I would go for heavier eye make-up and just gloss on the lips. Make the most of your fair skin and don't over-cake it. Maybe a highlighter on your cheeks. And go for something that you'll be confident wearing and not fiddling with all night, like a lipstick that is going to wander onto your teeth etc. And think about how you might look as the night goes on. I once went oout with loads of grey-black eye make-up on for a night out and after a few drinks I had rubbed it all round my eye sockets. Nice!

Have fun at the weekend!

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

i would say, lipstick with lipgloss on it. wear a bronzer or blusher, and if you want where a foundation. wear pink or gray eyeshadow it looks nice on blue eyes. and a nice mascara.

How Should I Wear My Make-Up!??!?

Try a metallic silver eyeshadow, match with a glossy red lipstick.

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