Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sadies dance? anyone help?

okay so.. our sadies dance is at the end of march.. i already have a date.. that was the easy part... the dance isnt formal its casual. and my friend and i decided to go in sundresses just for the fun of it. but i dont wanna do my hair and make up all nice and stuff cause im already wearing a dress.. and its supposed to be casual. my hair is dirty blonde to light brown (very wavy) and i have light brown eyes with a tiny bit of green. so if anyone has make up, hair or any advice at all.. let me know! thanks!

Sadies dance? anyone help?

maybe you should um, make your curls special. try using a some sort of curling hair product (like cream or spray)

for the makeup, if you want to make your eyes pop (not literally) try using a gold, or gold-ish eyeshadow too bring out the copper-y colours in your eyes.

Sadies dance? anyone help?

i'd keep your hair down then... wear loose curls! those would look cute with a dress, and maybe a little accessory in your hair!

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