Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hairstyle idea for art opening?

I have an art opening tonight and am trying to figure out how I should wear my hair. I have medium length (an inch or two past shoulders) dark red hair with a side bang.

I was thinking of doing something with just half my hair up. So it doesn't look too fancy but not too casual either. I want some ideas beyond just using a barrette to pin the sides back. The style can look a little funky but not too crazy like big pigtails. Also, don't want it too look too formal.

Any ideas / pictures etc.? thanks

Hairstyle idea for art opening?

if u go with FRENCH ROLL it will suit with all outfit.

otherwise just let hair open.your confidence glows more than your dressup and best luck.

Hairstyle idea for art opening?

I think that an up-do would be really nice especially if this event is in the can leave you bangs out so it won't look too would also be a nice look with the outfit you described...

here are a few ideas

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