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What to wear with a little black dress?

okay, so i have an event and i bought this little black dress from betsey johnson:

i want to dress it up a little, even if it's not extremely plain, but still keep it formal. i just want to know what YOUR suggestions are and what direction you would go. what kind of heels (color/style) or hair, jewelry, w/e. even pics of a celeb that you'd base it off of. anything!!!

much appreciated.

What to wear with a little black dress?

first of all strapless is much sexier with nothing around the neck, if you must then a short round neck necklace would be fine, to accessorize it simply and elegantly, try a big chandlier earrings like those of elizabeth showers, and a big bracelet slightly below your elbow. the hair would be great lifted up or if you want it lose it's ok. And ofcourse high heels. Now black is very comfortable color coz you can wear any color of make up and mix it with the accessory colors, i.e gold makeup and gold accessories, or grey makeup and silver jewellery,... etc. but the shoes are best in black. you know that look renee zellweggar was wearing at the golden globes 2005? it's alot like what i mean, here are some ideas to inspire:

for earrings:

for hair:

What to wear with a little black dress?

Nice dress! Some sexy black heels maybe... and nothing else!

What to wear with a little black dress?

black open shoes with long heal, a delegate necklace(lighter one) and one ring will make u a hot cake for guys

What to wear with a little black dress?

Don't forget Underwear

What to wear with a little black dress?

I suggest you wear a onyx set as a necklace and earrings with Gucchi hand bag and a black stilletto. You can also wear a Tissot watch. You can perm your hair and leave it long. I'm sure you'll look like a million dollar babe.

What to wear with a little black dress?

You can wear black shoes with high heels or any metallic shoes...

A gold necklace can make you look elegant..

Wear gold dangling earrings..

What to wear with a little black dress?


i think your hair will look nice with a black dress;; curled.

silver jewelry..

black fancy heels, make-up..


%26amp;%26amp;. get someone in your family to tell you how you look.

What to wear with a little black dress?

Awww baby thats a cute dress.

Well.. if you want to spice it up put some cute open toe red heels on.. YES RED.. Then if u have a ruby necklace prefferably bigger.

If not then put some open toe black pumps on.

Oh and by the way leave your hair down if its long its a pretty short dress so by leaving your hair down it will play the dress out.

Hope this helps

What to wear with a little black dress?

If you want to dress it up, you could wear your hair up and try a simple but elegant choker with matching earrings. Something not to gaudy but with a little bit of sparkle. I started dating my boyfriend at Christmas last year and he asked me to go to his office celebration but he asked me the day of the party because we had just met! I have a little black dress too, so I wore a real thin choker of tiny black beads and little crystals with matching earrings and piled my hair loosely on top of my head. A pair of strappy black pumps and I looked like I had been planning for the party all year. Thank God for the little black dress. Hope it helps.

What to wear with a little black dress?

blood red high heels with straps,and an elegant simple necklace!

What to wear with a little black dress?

Vintage rhinestones (keep it small and dainty), vintage style shoes, seamed stockings, red lipstick, and hair in a finger wave is what I'd do. I like vintage and I think it works for this dress.

What to wear with a little black dress?

Well, maybe wear a silver necklace. Maybe you could get a silver bracelet too. For the sandals, get one with about an inch in the heels. Preferably, it should be black with silver designs. For the hair, it would be nicer if it was laid down. As for the makeup, simple ones would be okay! If I were you, I won't use any black-colored makeup but, that is up to you!

What to wear with a little black dress?

3 inches high heels ( sandel type will be prefer )avoid pointy shoes . black or silver color would be ideal. something like this style is good .. ( but not this one the heels look cheap to me


perm ur hair / have a high straight long pony tail

if u keep ur hair perm and leave it long . add a small blink blink hair clip

wither wear big earring or chain necklace . dont; wear both . ( otherwise u will look like a christmas tree)

ve a good time in ur party

What to wear with a little black dress?

Ooh baby I thought your little black dress would be littler than that! You can wear your hair nice and long, wavy and curly. Wear cubic zirconia jewelry with it. Ooh baby you can wear black lingerie with it. How about you can wear a black and white fedora hat with it! =%26lt;)

What to wear with a little black dress?

shoe-wise I suggest a classy sandal not overly high ( up to 3") tan is a great color as it looks elegant and stretches the leg ( while black or ankle-strap cut them and pumps without dark stockings look easily tacky). get lucky with gold or any other metallic slingback. keep jewelery low profile(earrings make you look older , but work with hair worn up) a cute neck-less could be nice, I like a great ring as sole eye-catcher. bangles if you have nice wrists. but choose one.

I would combine a tailored not to long jacket ( feminine but not overdressed)with two buttons, preferably in a middle range color (ex. middle Grey with silver shoes) or a sweet sequined cardigan. enjoy.

What to wear with a little black dress?

Go silver or gold with it.

If u wear diamonds, fine, otherwise, go for zircons/crytal jewellery. A solitaire pendant and dangling earrings would look fab.Keep it simple %26amp; elegant, nothing flashy.

Gold or silver shoes. High heels or pumps. The ones with rhinestones would be really nice with a matching bag!

keep ur hair down or up whichever suits u better. Either way, wear bling in hair, looks sweet.

Wear red lipstick %26amp; lots of mascara %26amp; eyeliner.

A dash of gold highlight on eyebrows and on cheeks.Glitter with eyeliner looks great too.

What to wear with a little black dress?

Hot dress. A pair of black patent pumps or ankle strap heels would be looking mighty fine. A small gold neaklace and earrings would be good too. Do it up the way you want to. No matter how you do it you'll be Hot. Have fun.

What to wear with a little black dress?

adorable! i luv it! i actually think the heels that they recommended would look good with it. and maybe leave your hair down in sort of messy curls. i think a thin not too long gold necklace would work w/ it too! good luck i'm sure u'll look great!

What to wear with a little black dress?

Black patent 'killer' peep toe heels, and black patent clutch bag . with pearl earrings and pearl neckelace!! as for your hair think 'up' and wavy.. fab dress by the way!!

What to wear with a little black dress?

i saw a pic of you and you're hottttttttttttttt

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