Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hair ideas anyone?

I have a formal dance at school this friday February 15th!! and I have NO idea how to do my hair!! my dress is black and its a mini dress

Hair ideas anyone?

go to a hair salon and ask them, or get them to do it for you..?

Hair ideas anyone?

Wear a sleek hairband like this:

but with tiny details on it maybe. Good luck!

Hair ideas anyone?

If you're wearing a mini-dress that means you have a great shape and are a little on the "sassy" side (a compliment). So, I think a crazy, wavy, slightly toussled look would suit you.

Let's forget the expense and inconvenience (of waiting in some packed salon) and here's what you do with your hair:

Go get 4 things:

A package of the pink sponge rollers (have at least 20 curlers available)

A good styling gel

A can of "Big Hair" hairspray.

A hair pick

Wash your hair and before you blow it dry (from underneath). apply the styling gel and work it through your whole entire head of hair from the roots upward. When your hair is just slightly damp, set it in as many curlers you can, and let it dry.

When dry (hopefully, you are dressed and ready to go so we don't have to "smush" your hair), take the curlers out and before brushing them, spray your whole head of hair lightly with the "Big Hair" hairspray. Wait about another 15 minutes until the Big Hair spray has a chance to settle and dry.

When all dressed, makeup on, and ready to go, take a hair pick comb and run it gently through your now curled hair. When the curls loosen a bit and become fuller, play with your hair until you have it shaped and at the degree of curliness you want -- the end result will be as if you have had a perm where you've combed it out enough to get that toussled look.

Have fun at the dance.

Don't drink and drive.

Just say "No".

Don't leave your drinking glass unattended.

Be home in time for your curfew so your mom can stop

worrying and get a good night's sleep !

Hair ideas anyone?

with a dress... straight hair should look gr8... make sure you get your hair straightened and leave it down loose...

if you have a longer hair.. try using curling iron to curl the bottoms of your hair.. but make sure you straighten it before you curl...

hope this helps you.. gud luck :)

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