Friday, July 24, 2009

What should i wear with this?

I have really light skin?

i sort of like my light skin, because almost every gurl in my school tans and looks fake...not to be mean, i tried tannin but stopped because my mom diddnt want to take me anymore. but now im starting to appreciate it...people ask me why i dont go tanning and sometimes make rude comments like "you would look more attractive if you went." my face is seriously whiteish peach looking. i have pitch black hair (i am naturaly blonde) so people call me gothic and emo because of the way i look lol. but i wanted to ask you what dress i should wear with those kindof looks, and what color would be best on me.. NOTE that i do dress sortof sophisticated punk...i wanted to get a coctail dress. (its for a formal dance) i wanted to be able to wear flats and look ok...can u please answer my questions? thankyou!

What should i wear with this? sounds like you have some concerns...and I have a lot of advice for you! First off you are on the right track with not going tanning. Tanning is so bad for your skin-just don't do it. If people ask you why you don't tan just tell them you care about your skin and you don't want to get wrinkles, sunspots, cancer, etc!

Now if the lightness of your skin bothers you, do what I do...wear a powder bronzer or use sunless tanning lotion. It gives you a hint of color though nothing to dramatic. This is available at any store, including drug stores.

About your hair...are you set on having it black? Black will definitly make your face look even whiter! If you want a darker color may I suggest that you go with a dark brown hair color, or even get some brown highlights to lighten it up!

For a dress, flats are just fine! You don't need heels to be beautiful! Plus they're too hard to walk in. I would suggest a dress that is classy in taste and color. Stay away from anything too punk or obnoxious (like red or bright pink). I actually think a black dress would look nice...if you use a bronzer on your face. You would have a really nice glow. Or you could go with gold/silver glimmery dress.

Good Luck!

What should i wear with this?

i wouldnt suggest you wear flats with a coctail dress i would suggest you to wear high heels and if you dont like your hair make it blonde again and just go to a salon and get ur makeup and other stuff done

What should i wear with this?

i think would go with the classic halter top dress. a little shorter than knee length. black ones with little white polka dots are kinda in and would look absolutely adorable.

and it you wanna offset it a bit.. hair clips always contribute to that style.. and you can play with some funky colors, and break away from you hair looking so dark because there is a lighter clip in it.

What should i wear with this?

Red is definitely the color for you with light skin and black hair.

Don't let anyone bother you about your pale skin and if you like your hair black, then don't listen to unwanted advice about changing it. When their skin is old and wrinkled from too much sun, yours won't be.

Have fun at your dance and shine, shine, shine.

What should i wear with this?

I'm a bit like you but my cheeks are naturally rosy and I'm different to everyone else some of them tease me but I just ignore them cos they're usually the ones that weigh about 20 stone ! Lol .

I'd say go with what is your favourite colour because people of your colour go with alot of different colours ,but try and stay away from whites,creams and very light colours ,try and go for the bolder colours.

What should i wear with this?

I'm not sure where you want to get your dress from, but has some cute cocktail length dresses that fit into the stereotypical "punk" style. I'm not really sure, which color would look best because that is also affected by eye color, make-up, personal preference, etc. I hope that helps!

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