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What makeup suits a red dress?

i'm going to a formal party and i'm wearing a red cocktail dress. i'll be doing my hair and makeup by myself to save money. what color of eye makeup would suit the dress? also please give tips on how i should look. i'm gonna do it myself so i'll appreciate it if you guys include instructions. thanks a lot. :)

What makeup suits a red dress?

If this is going to be a classy event, stay away from trashy makeup. You don't say what your coloring is - fair, dark, olive...that matters a lot.

Don't overdo both eyes and lips. Decide which one you'd like to play up and stick to it. Let's say you want to do a lightly smokey eye. Pick a crayon type shadow or shadow liner - they're very versatile.

Line your upper lid only with it, then smudge it up a bit into the crease - might want to practice this before hand.

At one time, L'Oreal made a smudge pencil - which I love but haven't looked for to purchase in a while if you find that, use it - a lovely smokey look.

Additionally, use a smallt amount of a light color, a cream or something complimentary to your skin tone on the brow bone to bring out the smoke look. Again, practice.

Leave your cheeks tinged slightly pinky but not really blushed up...more natural. Use a light gloss on your lips. You'll look sulty with the smokey eye and light lips.

Also with your hair - don't overdo it or the sexiness or the red dress will be overdone by too much hair and makeup. Let your beauty shine through.

There's nothing like a red dress to make a woman feel sexy - enjoy the night!!

What makeup suits a red dress?

A nice red lipstick would go great with a red dress. A dark smokey grey on your eyes would compliment the red lipstick.

What makeup suits a red dress?

Basic brown would look the best.

Use a dark shade in the crease of your eyelid. A lighter shade for the lid it self. Blend colors softly with a blending brush. Use dark brown to black eyeliner on the upper lid and the outside corners of the bottom lids.

Hope you have a wonderful time.

What makeup suits a red dress?

be yourself, be natural, makeup is for the self concious and fakes. make up is a way for women to hide the real person, and to try and fool those who are foolish enough to believe in them, how can you trust a woman who whers makeup, she has already started the relationship on a lie !

What makeup suits a red dress?

dark Grey eyeshadow is totally gorgeous on absolutely every single eyecolour, no maatter what. IT looks gorgeous with anyclothes, cause grey siuits practically everything, and it makes your eyes smolder. Leave your lips natural, maybe some see-through gloss.

Or if you wanna go for the old-fashioned hollywood look, so a lot of mascara on your eyes, goldie eyeshadow and dark dark red lips. Put the emphasis on one part of your face - either the eyes or the lips, and everything looks great. If you do both too much, it will look too dramatic and unreal and just ugly.

What makeup suits a red dress?

Firstly, what kind of look do you want to portray?

If you want to have a simple girl-next-door look, some nude colors with a light pinky/red lipstick would suffice.

If you want to have a pick-me-up look, go for darker red lipstick

If you want to have a flirty look, go for dark red lipstick, draw your eyes (line it and put some think mascara)

You need not emphasize too much on your eyes, or you would look too OTT (over-the-top) because of your red cocktail dress. The dress is enough to be a head-turner!

have fun!

What makeup suits a red dress?

Hi dear, u shud first of all apply a foundation darker than ur skin color and then apply bronze color for eye shade and at the ends of ur eylids give a little dark effect then put lots mascara and eyeliner and kohl,light or dark according to ur eyes,Then apply a light pink blush on ur cheeks and light brown or skin color lips shade. thats it

What makeup suits a red dress?

i think any. may be u can put little reddish co lour mascara

What makeup suits a red dress?

If it's a warm red go with shades of brown on the eyes , dark brown in the crease. If it's a cool red, go with smokey grays, grey/black in the crease. Your eyes need to be intense to balance the red . I would use a sheer red lipstick with just a slighly darker red liner. Sometimes when the lips are as intense as the dress, nothing else gets noticed. By playing up yours eyes, your whole face is in focus. Good luck!

What makeup suits a red dress?

brown, copper but dont use redlipstick u will look decent

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