Friday, July 24, 2009

Should the SIMS 3 be like this?

First Things First The Sims 3 Should Have A Game Where It Puts All The Latest Drivers And Adds Memory Space As Much As You Want On Your Computor But Its Only For Sims 3 Games So That Way When People Buy The Game I'll Always Work On Their Computor And The Game Will Never Be Slow Always Normal Speed So That Way Everybody Could Buy The Game Who Has A Computor. The Sims 3 Should Have Way Way Bigger Nieborhoods And You Should Be Able To Make Your Own Nieborhood Anyshape You Want And How Big You Want It. Plus When You Put A Lot In You Nieborhood The Lot Should Be As Big As The Person Wants It Are As Small Like As They Want It. You Drag The Lot And Strech It As Far As You Want It So Then When Your Done Draging The Lot Thats How Big Your Lot Is. And You Should Have Options With Lots Like Residental, Community, Buisness,And Sharing Lots It Should Be More Chioces.

And The Landscape Items In The Nieborhood Tools Should Have More Iteams To Make Your City Look More Exciting.And When You Make Your Family You Should Be Able To Make Up To 24 People In Your Family.And Pets Family 12 People. And There Should Be Way Way More Skintones Like



Dark,Black Skin,And Alien Skin.

And It Should Be Way More Body Shapes Like



Chubby Muscular,And Fat. Becuase There Should Be All Kinds Of Diffrent Sims. And The Clothing Should Be.



And Active Wear Clothing.

And The Age Groups Should Be More.


Little Kid,Child,Advolesence,

Teenager,Young Adult,

Mid Adult,Aged Adult,

Senior Citizen,And Elder.

And They Should Grow Slower

Like Newbon Should Grow Up In

90 Days The Infant Should Grow Up In 150 Days And Toodlers Should Grow Up In 365 Days And The Little Kid Grows up In 365 Days And The Child 365 Days And The Advolesense 365, And Teenager 365,And Young Adult 1,095 Days,And Mid Adult 730 Days,And Aged Adult 1,460 Days,And Sienor Citicens 1,095 Days, And Elder Should Die In 730 Days. And Newborns,Infant,Toodlers Go To Day Care Or Stay Home Or Babysitter. Little Kid Go To Preschool/Kindergarten. And Child Go To Elementry.And Advolesence Go To Jr. High. And Teenager Goes To High School. And Young Adult Go To College Or Thier On Thier Own.

And Mid Adult Go To College Or Thier On Thier Own. Aged Adult Go To College Or Thier On Thier Own.And Sienior Citizens Or On Thier On Or Retire. And A Elder Retires. And The Aspiration Should Be Religion,Fortune,Popularity,

Family,Pleasure Life, Creativity,Knowledge,Magic.

And Thier Should Be Over 580 Iteams In The Game And The Expasion Packs. And You Should Be Able To Pick What Month And Day Your Sims Birthday Is.

And You Should Be Able To Shop For Everything At Downtown Like Clothing Store,Grocery Store,Toys Store,School Store,Build Hardshop Store,Music Store,Resturants,Movies,Bowlin...

Theme Parks,Electronic Store,Pets Store,Schools,Darcare,Buissnes... Store,

Hair Shop,Musem,Aquariame,Furniture Store, Car Store,Church, And More. And You Should Be Able To Make Up To 120 Story Tall Buildings. And You Shoul Be Able To Pick Ethnic Backround For Your Sims. And You Should Be Able To Kill Your Sims Like Stabb Them,Chock Them And More And They Should Have Cell Phones And Handhield Things And You Sims Should Travel To Vacation, With Plane,Ship,Train,And Bus And You Should Be Able To Pick Diffrent Coler Hair To Pick Like Diffrent Blond Shades,Dark Shades,Brown Shades,And Diffrent Red Shades, And Color Shades. And The Origanal Sims 3 Game Should Have Over 990 Iteams. Who Agrees With Me.

Should the SIMS 3 be like this?

Well, it sounds like you want a lot but regarding the memory and drivers thing: that's your computer and your responsibility, you can't reasonably expect a piece of gaming software to do that for you. Besides extra memory is a PHYSICAL thing - it's something you actually put inside your computer box. Are you suggesting EA/Maxis send someone out to everyone who buys the game and updates their computer?

Should the SIMS 3 be like this? long did that take you to write? I'm sorry I didn't even read most of it but yah sounds great...

Should the SIMS 3 be like this?

Yeah that should be great. I would like to also to play a virtual-reality shooter with real-life graphics with super-realistic physics and unlimited weapons with my crappy computer. But it ain't gonna happen. Why? Because there are limits to our abilities to create content for pc games. Game programmers are thinking the same way you do, but they face the actual problem of making their dreams come true with the limits imposed on it. Don't get me wrong, I love your enthusiasm, but don't get your hopes up.

For the driver thing though, having the latest drivers bundled with the software at all times is a tedious task as new stuff keeps coming out. The software guys will soon find themselves giving out outdated drivers. The task of updating drivers is best left up to users and the hardware developers themselves. And a game CANNOT add more ram onto your computer. I would love that though, but it's physiccally impossible.

Should the SIMS 3 be like this?

Haha...Thats alot of stuff, it'd be awesome....but most unlikely...sigh

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