Sunday, July 26, 2009

A pretty dress for winter formal? (websites/stores/pics)?

I'm really short, around 5 feet, I have shoulder length black hair that is very thick.

I wouldn't be comfortable all night in heels, so I'm thinking about wearing ballet flats...

What do you think would look good on me? Can someone please help me find a dress (pics are good!) and maybe shoes/accessories?

A pretty dress for winter formal? (websites/stores/pics)?

I am also short but believe me I was beuty on a small stretched red dress

1) You need to think about winter colors:

White, red, green or another

2) Go to a seamstress %26amp; ask opinion or options or dresses

styles and kids of clothes

3) Select the best design in which you will find very


4) Enjoy your dress!

A pretty dress for winter formal? (websites/stores/pics)?

Are you slim/ petite what??

A pretty dress for winter formal? (websites/stores/pics)?

In order to know what would look good on you, we need more info! What are your best characteristics? Worst characteristics? Eye color? Skin color? Big/small boobs? Any hips? A picture would be best.

Beyond that, Jessica McClintock has some beautiful dresses.

I suggest a cocktail dress if you are planning on wearing ballet flats. I would also suggest some short heels, because heels of any kind are very flattering. They elongate the leg, which is important when you are 5 foot.

A pretty dress for winter formal? (websites/stores/pics)?

Are you looking for a long dress? covering your feet or at your ankles? or a knee length dress?

Made from any certain material? or color?

Long sleeves? a cover up? does it matter?

Let me know if this is up your I can have an idea..

Just need a little more information from you so I can search.

Check out this place, maybe you will find something you like there....

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