Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need your help with planning my party!?

I'm throwing a huge party in december for my birthday. i'm turning 15 and everyone there will be 15/16. I have some questions!

1.should I do just girls, or guys and girls? idk if i know that many guys that would actually come...

2. what should we like do? my brother's going to DJ for me so theres gonna be some awesome music, but what do we do other than mingle and dance?

3. should I make it semi-formal, or just totally casual?

4. what time should it start?

5. what kind of invitations should i send?

6. do we have to do cake and the happy birthday song?


8. how should i do my hair and makeup?

9. what cool decorations can I put up? not stupid like streamers and balloons (although there will be balloons for helium-sucking later haha!) but i mean like holiday lights, cool lighting etc?

10. any other good ideas?


I need your help with planning my party!?

1. i think you should invite both

2. i think you should hang out have some fun, and dance!! it's going to be fun!! i did it at my party!! if your planning to do part of it in the afternoon, you should let the guys play some sports and the girls just hang

3. totally casual!! just make it as relaxed as you can.

4. around 6

5. if you can, you should send out c.d. w/ your voice recording

6. you don't have to do it but you can replace it w/ something else.

7. you should wear something really cute like a dress or like a some shorts w/ a cute top and then change into something really pretty to dance w/

8. if you have straight hair you should curl it a little and tease the back part of your hair and then put a headband in front of it. if you have curly hair you should try to straighten it or you can add little accesories to it.

9. 'm not sure about the decorations though. i didn't have a lot of them

10. nope. sorry!

I need your help with planning my party!?

More people are likely to come if it's casual. Do the happy birthday song, it's traditional lol. N hair n make-up that's flattering.

I need your help with planning my party!?

hypnotiq, cap. morgans, grey goose

yummy yummy in my tummy

I need your help with planning my party!?

1. Well If yo uodnt invite guys doesnt that seem a little lesbiiann j.k lol invite guys!

2. Um Rock?

3.Casual dude

4.not to late not to soon xD

5.kewl ones

6.Might as well

7. clothes

8. go to a hair stylist

9. Wellll yea XD streamers and balloons are the best

10. Um o.o jesus let me beer or alchohalic beverges..if there were invite me xD

I need your help with planning my party!?

remember, these are just sugestions

it's not my party

but what i would do

is make it co-ed.

for sure. then have your bestfriends stay the night, just to gossip about the party and all the hotties that showed up

dj's are awesome. put alllllll types of music, to punk to hip hop to techno

if your not a partier, like a drinking alcohol type partier

start it at 5 or 6 and end it at midnight. or something like that

but if you think your firneds would want to PARRRTAYYY

let it end at like 2. idk

invitations, just type out general information on your favorite color paper with maybe a border to represent your personality

put where it's at, time, what type [causual or whatever] rsvp if need

and other things

wearyour favorite outfit or

something attractive yet laid back.

do your hair and make up normal, but maybe a little glitter or something, or a bow. something that says YAY me.

or you can do a completly different twist and go crazy and make you the center of attention by tottally changing it up

you should get cool light things from spencers or something

get something colorful and flashy so it's exciting and vibrant and fun.

make sure you keep all your valuble locked up.

if it is going to be a drinking type party you may want to make sure you have some sober peole to keep it sane.

eh yeah.

that's what i would do

I need your help with planning my party!?

1. girls and guys, what do you mean? are you unpopular or something? INVITE GUYS you don't wanna be like a 5th grader.

2. anything you want, it's YOUR party.

3.casual is the way to go

4. depends on how late it runs. 7??

5.telephone, email

6. cake is a must, happy birthday song can be okay, again, it's up to you, and maybe your guests will force it upon you

7. nice jeans or a miniskirt, and a nice evening top.

8. hair, i'd say kind of like this.

9. i'm not into that, but strobe lights would be cool, and people like glow bracelets and necklaces

10. try to avoid inviting irresponsible people. they will make your party SUCK. and don't invite people who are much more popular than you because they WILL steal the spotlight.

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