Thursday, July 23, 2009

How should my makeup be...?

If it's semi-formal, and I have on a short-ish red dress, and I have long dark brown hair, and fair skin, what colors can I use for lipstick and eyeshadow? Also, what can I do with my hair? I don't want to pick up or make it too fancy. THANKS!

How should my makeup be...?

As far as lipcolor, I suggest a soft tint blended with a shimmery gloss. Something like Bath %26amp; Body's Tutti Dolce - perhaps in Creme Brulee. If you don't have time to get it, it's like a very soft burgundy-tinted gloss that shows up just barely, leaving your lips a sort of deep strawberry without appearing matte red. The topcoat is a shimmering, pink gloss that goes on transparent. The result is a rosey, irridescent gloss that glistens in the right light. You can mix glosses you already have for a similar effect.

For your eyes, I recommend that you stick with mascara. Your dress is red, so it's going to pop. If you overemphasize your makeup, there will be way too much going on - keep it natural. Opt for a subtle rose blush for your cheeks: don't overdo it.

Since your hair is dark brown and you're wearing red, I think you should try a sort of Latin look (minus the flower). Set the ends of your hair with big curls. Let one side hang down towards your face and pin back the other.

Your look should be a theme. If your're going for "soft", you should complete it with a subtle, girly scent. If you decide to go for saucy, make sure you wear a frangrance to match.

I'm no fashion consultant, but this is just my humble advice.

Have lots of fun, girl!

How should my makeup be...?

well wear blush in a peach color lip gloss and wear eye liner on the bot on and a nice eye shadow it could be in a warm tone or a cold depending on your eye color and also your jewelery remember if you decide to accentuate your eyes your mouth should be simple and vices be care-full if you use foundation or powder you don't wan;t to look like a geisha .

How should my makeup be...?

if ur skin is a peach or a light brown i would put a little foundaion on and make ur lips a hot glossy pink i would were mascerra and do ur eyes light pink ok with ur hair put ur hair in a high pony tail or a bun with big loop earings that would look really cute so good luck with that i hoped i helped.

How should my makeup be...?

I think go for a glowing look.

For lips get something like neutrogena lip gloss in ticked.

Cheeks: a shimmery powder/creme like a wet n wild one (there great!) and apply some to the bridge or your nose too.

Eyes: get a liquid eye liner and make cat eyes.. extend the line past your eye and up a bit, it's super sexy! (practice and have Q-tips handy)

Yay have fun you!!!

How should my makeup be...?

nice narural colors.

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