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How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

I think reading this in 5-7 minutes would be better than listening to the news in a lifteime.Plz don't think I'm a very old person.Just 18.A university student studying English who just cannot sit back and hope.

My question is: what percentage of what I say is acceptable to you?

This article has three parts: 1.Cultural and general info and 3.political, so plz read it from the top to the bottom.

Hi.I'm Iranian and I live in Iran.When I chat with people from other countries, I understand that they have totally wrong ideas about Iran.I just wrote this article to correct you.

The first thing they accuse our government of, is that they don't let you be free.Actually, Iranians would be some of the most liberal people in the world (liberal meaning not obeying laws that they don't like).Thousands of millions of strict rules in other countries, don't even exist in Iran.Also, you should understand that what may seem so normal to you, may be a nightmare for us and vise versa.That's why you don't understand a few of Iran's laws.In Iran every single house has a sattelite. Sattelite channels had a serious influence on people, they wear very fashionable clothes.Maybe it's a kind of immitation, but still it's got an unique Iranian style.You'll see lots of beauty qeens on the streets that are just like models advertising fashionable clothes! Most part of their hair is out and they put on to much make up, also wearing scarves is a part of our culture.Iran is one of the super-consumers of cosmics (which is bad for our economy)! People do whatever they wish to and some of the things they do, don't fit our culture at all, however it's normal in Iran.You'll be surprised seeing the difference between what you imagined before and how the real Iran is! It's wonderful.Everything's so great if you don't take unemployment and air pollution into account. Many things have changed so far.I can't even compare Iran with 5 years ago, let alone comparing it with 30 years ago!!!! After all, nearly 65-70% of Iran's population is considered the new generation (The youth) and they've transformed everything.

Some people think women don't have any rights in Iran! Women are overtaking Iran. They're treated very well.They're the winners in most cases: They get into the best universities cos they're so clever.They get the best jobs cos they can do jobs much better than men.They've got rights that have made it difficult for men to marry them, because husbands buy them expensive things and treat them very well, otherwise women will have the right to ask them a great amount of money which most husbands cannot afford, so they'll be imprisoned.The only thing that women are not allowed to do in Iran is getting into public football stadiums and that's just because IN IRAN, such places are usually full of cheeky guys who would cheek girls.I don't think girls would go there, even if they're allowed to do so.

Another funny thing: Your footage about stoning the women who have committed adultery.Have you ever asked yourself they relate to how many years ago?Just for your information, those are from Afghanistan which was once ruled by those freaks (Taliban).I find it difficult to make you understand that Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are SEPERATE COUNTRIES! and that we're Persian and some Turkish not Arab! And I find it even more difficult to make you understand that Iran is a normal country like any other countries in the world.There's nothing mysterious about it!(The media is very good at making scary titles: BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS!!! IRAN UNDERCOVER!!! This would be enough to scare people away! Iranians are much more educated, intelligent and open-minded than what you think!!! I'm sure you don't know that there are lots and lots of Iranian geniouses and scientists that are all under 25.You don't hear about their discoveries and inventions on TV. A small example is this 17 year old boy who's invented 72 amazing inventions.You don't know that Iranian students and sportsmen are winning gold and silver medals in different compotitions in the world all the time such as robotics, biology, maths, physics, sports, anything! Why don't the media talk about them?Did you know that the countries having the highest number of scientists in the world are in this order? 1-India 2-Korea 3-Iran

A few weeks ago Iran uncovered the most effective anti-H.I.V medicine and now it's signing treaties with other countries to export it.I digged the news on the internet, but there was no single sign of that.What I found instead? "President Bush CLAIMS that bomb parts are imported from Iran into Iraq!" The media are injustice.They'd put CLAIMS on the headlines, but they would never talk about facts! Some interesting facts:

Iran is the pionier in medicine and genetics and Iranian surgens have found lots of new methods for treating spinal defects and many other diseases (mainly the treatment for different types of cancer) and the the best brain and heart surgens are Iranian surgens.The head of Mars Mission in NASA is Iranian.One of the best designer of sports cars working in Germany is Iranian.Some of the best 3D animators are Iranian.Iran is one of the best countries in counter-engineering.Holds the second place in building dams.The 4th highest tower (Milad tower) in the world is in Tehran (which you can visit in the second link).The champion weight-lifter is Iranian.The woman, and a song by one of the pop singers who/which won the nobel peace prize are Iranians. And as you all know, Iranian girls are famous for being terrific.Persian rug and Persian literature, many Persian poets and scientists that are so famous.Persian culture is now westernised and only a little has survived! According to statistics Tehran is the cheapest capital city in the world for foriegners with Dollars of course not for us! (Cos our rate is different: one Dollar=about 950 Tomans!) Who do you think is building Dubi?Arabs?No my friends, Iranian architectures, engineers and traders funding them, cos they don't think building the same things in Iran would be beneficial for them, Since the media scare tourists away from Iran.There are many other things.And also, Iran is a very independant country.It has nearly all the developed industries and technologies and doesn't need other countries to survive! That's why the unfair U.N sanctions don't bother us! The list is endless.

Some charactristics of Iranians would be: Proud, greedy, hard-working, intelligent, ambitious, not realistic, not so religious, not so generous, not punctual, impatient, well-dressed, formal, well-educated, warm and friendly and hospitable.

Some people think, Iran's a desert! Iran's a modern country with very beautiful nature and lots of historical places to visit.Please take a look at the following links and see if Iran looks like what you think or not! (Surely it doesn't!)

This is a photo of Tehran:

If you like you can visit these too, hope you like them:

Some people think music is forbidden in Iran.Did you know that Iranian pop music has won the prize in France in 2005? All Iranian songs are current pop /Trance/ DJ music.I send them to my American and Canadian chat friends and they all admit that it's the best music they've ever heard.They specially love the beat.

You can just right click on the links below and choose "Save Target As" to download them.You'll love Iranian style.It's nothing like what you expect! You can read the translations in here:;...

(I just want you: pop%26amp;Trance 2003)

(The window: pop%26amp;Trance: 2005)

(Stop world:pop 2006)

(Hold my hand:pop 2007)

(The wind's kiss:pop%26amp;Trance 2005)

(Keep me in your memory:pop 2005)

(Reveal your visage:pop 2004)

(It's beautiful:pop 2007)

(My bride: DJ 2006)

It's now 2007 and people still think we are uneducated people living in deserts, riding camels and carrying around guns!!!!

See how the media are fooling people? None of the things you hear on the media about Iran are true.If you think I've been admiring Iran too much, that's because you'd do the same thing if you were looked down nearly everyday for some false reasons.

I think it's better to clarify some political issues as well:

Some of the Americans I chatted with, said in the U.S it's said that president Ahmadinejad hates the U.S and Israel and wants to nuke them!! The media are good at putting comments.It's easy to show a video or an image of our president or leader on the T.V screen or on the internet and say he says this, he says that.....I really don't get the point why our politicians defame themselves by talking about things that have got nothing to do with us.For example does verbal defence of Palestinians cause them to have a better life?The thing is that they occasionally make some statements that the media would misuse it agaisnt Iran. like picking up some specific sensitive phrases from among a long speech (without reffering to the main points and reasons for that speech) and putting so many bad comments on that.No sane person would take it serious.

First of all, Iranians don't hate anyone.If our government complains about some injustice going on in the world, it's not bad.Is it? We hate neither Jews nor Americans.They're both nice people.If their media are fooling them, it's not their fault.If I were in their shoes, I would hate Iran too regarding all the terrible lies they keep hearing about it nearly everyday.Although ordinary Iranians don't care about world affairs, I've got to say that for us Israel is not equal to Jews! Israel is a govt.Jews are faithful people! A few of them live here in our neighbourhood and they live just like the rest of Iranians.No difference.And two of Iran's parliment members are Jews. Who says we want to force the others to convert to Islam?Have you ever found a Muslem knocking at your door asking you to do so?That's so funny. Christians and Jews are both God believers and respectful to us.I wonder why the media like putting words in our mouth and raising hatred.In Iran, religion would be the least important thing. It means that where you come from and what your religion is, are not important to us at all.And I wonder why some Muslem countries think there's a problem between Shiites and Sunnies. It doesn't make sense in Iran.

I wonder Iran is a threat to whom? Which logical rule admits that it's logical to say a country is guilty because we THINK / PREDICT that she's going to do something wrong?!!!! Has Iran ever attacked any countries?There's no proof on that.That's even what nuclear agency says.Only Iran's oppositions are pulling Iran's leg.What we're doing is legal.What they ask us to do (ignoring our international rights) is illegal and nonsense.Iran is a peaceful country.Why? It's the regional super-power and if she wanted, she could invade the countries in our neibourhood just as what Seddam did to our country, but as you see Iran has peaceful relationships with all of them.It could be a good example to some countries that just follow their interests.What is interesting is that the countries which accuse Iran of different things have been, and are still accused of the same things!!! This could be a modern and innovative form of philosophy and logic!

Some say he said: Israel should be wiped off the map! But have they told you the rest of his speech and that why he's said this at all? If you know a little literature, you know that it's a passive sentence.He's never said that IRAN wants to wipe Israel off the map! And he wasn't talking about destroying Israel.He was talking about relocating Israel, so that they could live seperate from Palestinians and they both could live in peace.They've only told you this phrase not the rest of it and it's mistranslated deliberitely.Iran's always defended itself, but it's not an offensive country.While some countries which have nukes are clearly threatening Iran to nuke her! Good, isn't it?

Some say he's said: Holocaust is a myth! again this is a single phrase from among a long speech and there are totally logical reasons for saying so.If 6000000 Jews were killed, that's so terrible, but those 300000 Shiite Moslems killed by Saddam aren't important at all! Over 650000 Iraqi people are killed and it's not important! When Fox News simply says: America and Israel are capable of destroying and killing all Iran's 69000000 population within two weeks, it's OK and no one says they're threatening other countries to nuke them (I saw this with my own eyes on the Fox News website) Millions of people killed in Afghanistan, Hiroshima %26amp; Nakazaki and vietnam war are not considered human beings at all! Now I think you'd get the point why he's IRONICALLY said it's a mith.Moreover, don't you believe in freedom of speech/mind?

Obviousely, some countries are using Iran as a victim to put the blame (their own faults) on Iran.And which country is better than Iran to be a victim?They've made the whole world believe that Iran isn't a peaceful country and represent false image of Iranians by making insulting movies like "300" .

I know Americans don't like these either, but what can they do?They can't control what the media says.I hope someday the media would end all this instead of playing a negative role in the world.

This part is just for Americans who would still argue over unimportant things: Those of you who say why Iran says "Death to America": 1.America means the U.S govt not the people 2.The new generation don't say such things and if some of them occasionally march in the streets that's because some of the stupid guys enjoy making noise and they mainly go out there to meet their girlfreids/boyfriends! Strange.Isn't it? 3.Such mottos are not just said in Iran and as you know whatever you hear is a response to the U.S govt's terrible actions which has made life for many people hell (You wouldn't deny that attacking countries is a mistake.right?) 5.The U.S govt helped Seddam to attack Iran and I hope you know which country gave Iraq biological weapons which killed lots of Iranians 6.America hit an Iranian airplane over the Persian Gulf and killed 200 passengers for no reason 7.It's always botherng Iran by sanctions, displaying false image of Iran and Iranians, scares tourists away from Iran and is always harmful to our economy, development and credit 8.It's always despised the Iranians who travel to the U.S at their arrival (even ordinary ones, university students, sportsmen, scientists etc)

To those who are upset with American hostages taken for 444 days: 1.It's related to so many years ago and don't forget that when there's a revolution, there'd be cheos and people may do things that they should not, moreover they're all alive and healthy.Aren't they? 2.The U.S has arrested Iranian diplomats in Iraq and keeps denying that they're diplomats.Now you decide who has the right to be upset with whom.It's exceeded the level of tit for tat.

It's better for both countries to forget about the past conflicts and to have peaceful relations.The two govts are like 10 year old children jumping at each other verbally, but we as the people of these countries MUST NOT have any conflics.You know something?All govts are hateful.I just said the above things because it sounds unfair when some Americans talk about 444 hostage taking and I keep being silent.So sorry for that.I hope you agree on this one! Now, what do you think?I can't wait to see both nations in peace.It'd be marvelous!


How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

In my University I was making like a mini congress and I was Iran.

I think that Iran is the best. It has a lot of tecnology and Mahmound Amadinejad is the best president in Asia. Iran is the most cool country! and it has a nuclear program, that my opinion is that having a nuclear program is just great and scientist can make A LOT of things like shuttles with nuclear motor, and things like that.

I love Iran!! is the best!!


And the best part is that Mahmound's ally is Venezuela: Hugo Chavez!


Andrea Ruiz, from Colombia!! wow!

How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

everybody look at Dariush hotel!!!! las vegas sucks.

thank you and now I have much much better opinion on Iran. I allways had a good opinion on Iran but its even better.

but I keep hearing that a woman can be stoned. why is it so? do they really do honour crimes? do they punish for adultery? Report It

How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

I want to add - Iran is an amazing country, but it's still controlled by ayatollahs and as long as women are forced to do anything (wear hijab), then it's wrong. That said, I love Iranian literature and would love to work there someday. Report It

How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

Whatever is going on between U.S.and Iran is there problem.You do not have anything to do with the goverment decision.I definitely have nothing to do with the wrong decisions that this country makes.I love everybody from every country because one God made all of us. Report It

How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

But God did not make us evil. Goverments are not govern by God because God does not love killing or corruption of any kind. Report It

How much do you know us and our country(Iran)?

The answer is pretty simple; your country is a threat to Israel and innocent lives. Your country is not "run" by the president, it is run by your Shah. Any nation that relies on religion to keep is in "tack" is bond to mess up somewhere with serious consequences. If you live by the book (Quran) you die by the book Stop complaining, sit back and enjoy what is coming your way.

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