Sunday, July 26, 2009

Glue in hair extensions .. Anyone know anything about them?

I have a formal to go to on Saturday (the 23rd of February) and I was planning on getting glue-in extensions the night before. I have the human hair, and dark hair glue. The woman doing them is gluing them directly to my scalp?

I need to know:



and any general information I may need to know?! THANKS!

Glue in hair extensions .. Anyone know anything about them?

i used to glue in my own extensions. i clip them in now.

but the little bottles of glue is what i used, and it worked. you can wash you hair/shower/etc, and it will last awhile, like a couple weeks.

but eventually they do get so moist that the glue breaks down and they start to get loose, and you have to re-glue them. which makes build up and then they don't stay on as long.

i would recommend getting them put in another way. but if you just want them done for that night, then a simple bottle glue will work.

good luck!

Glue in hair extensions .. Anyone know anything about them?

Actually Sat is the 24th and dont use the dark glue. It will only slide out. take it from exp. I use on my clients a glue called ceramic glue, that your hairstylist can get from the hair store that comes in a bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle. That will work 210% better and wont wash out or you wont have to get her to retouch very often at all. until it its time wks down the road.


15 yr stylist

Glue in hair extensions .. Anyone know anything about them?

Hello, my name is Patricia from http://nychairsalon Glue in or shall we say Silicon or Monkey Bars or Mega hair extensions is what we are talking about. They are all the same. They were the first/original hair extensions, ones that I was doing when I entered the industry 15 years ago. They are OK for you needs. You are going out, have your own hair, that is the way to put them in. they can last 3-4 months, and aren't bad. There are much better options out there like Great Lenghts, HairLocs, or HairDreams, but hey, you have a certain need, its in your budget, so there is nothing wrong with your choice.


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