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PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

Please help me! I have absolutely no clue what to wear to our school's "Snowball".

ME: I'm a tomboy so this is going to be a challenge for all you "fashion experts" :) I have brown hair and normally always wear it in a pony tail. My hair down is just past my shoulders. about 5'4". ninth grade

DANCE: the "Snowball" is a pretty big deal. for my school on the dance importance scale it would be between homecoming and prom. It is formal and other schools are coming.

if you have any questions feel free to ask and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

Check out these websites for ideas of Prom/Formal Dance dresses. Jessica McClintock is pretty traditional, but she has some pretty amazing retro eighties dresses. Betsy Johnson is more fashion-forward. The most current look is retro eighties. Short and fun for a girl that is tomboyish. You can even be rebellious and pair your formal dress with Converse or other sneakers. Wear flats if you are more comfortable with that. A nice coat over it with a small (no larger than your head) evening bag ( if you need it) finishes it.

Forever 21 is a more affordable alternative with cute styles. Just be very cautious about their quality. My friend wore one of their dresses to a party and had the zipper completely tear, all the way down mid-festivities! Look at the seams and stitching.

As for your hair look at some women's fashion magazine like "Vogue" or "W". A tiny, jeweled barette holding a little hair to the side is always pretty and easy. You could enlist your mom, a friend, another relative to help flat iron or curl your hair.

Good luck and have fun!

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??


well i was trying to combine tomboy with formal and i got this...

i dunno what you'll think.

but i think it's cute:]

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??


I LIVE IN dallas and there are tons of resale stores. Women wear designer stuff once and get rid of it. Very expensive clothes I would NEVER be able to buy regularly. If your city has some nice consignment or resale stores try them first!

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

If you don't want to wear a dress, try a nice pair of slacks (black dress pants maybe?) with a really fancy top !

Wear your hair in a pony tail, but curl the ends OR pin some of the hair up into a loose bun and let some dangle loosly out of it!

hope I helped, and have fun! x

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

i think you should try something nw new and go all out to shock people. do whats more comfortable for you but you should definatley curl your hair. if that dosnt work for you try curling it then stle it i a bun. the snow ball sounds really high top so you should wear a nice eligant gown. not to corfull bacause of the theme.

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

okay for your hair i say either straighten or curl or mabye go to a salon and let them do what ever, for an outfit wear a dark shade of blue because its winter , make sure none of the material goes with a bad acesecory like say you got a blue silk dress and put it with a plastic bracelet it wont go good at all, so if u get somthing expensive wear expensive acessories

feel free to ask a question

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

Don't be afraid to express who u are and dress the way you would on a trip to the mall with some of ur friends. It honestly doesn't matter if u aren't a very fashionable personor not. If u see something in ur closet that u really like or something that catches ur eye try it on with something that matches or something else that u wear a lot.(MATCHES = SAMEor SIMILAR SMALL DESIGN, COMPLEMENTARY COLORS, or SOMETHING PLAIN WITH A PATTERN ALWAYS WORKS)

Hope this helps

But remember 2 be urself and things will work out.

Best of luck

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

omg thats EXACTLY how i am! i feel ya! get a cute dress from old navy or somewhere and wear your hair down, parted to the side. good luck!

PLEASE HELP!! What do I wear to the dance??

Although you may be a "tom boy" you will really stand out wearing a pretty dress, it doesn't have to be expensive to look great. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a dress get a nice pair of black pants with a dressy top.

But it's all up to don't have to step too far out of your comfort zone but sometimes taking a chance is always really fun!

Just have fun and don't worry so much- whatever you wear will probably look just fine! And you still can wear your hair up if you want! lol

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