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Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

Ok so I am going to a really formal wedding and reception in mid June. What should I wear to the wedding, then change into for the reception? I'm 5'5", thin, long black hair, blue eyes. Links would be great! Thanks in advance, %26lt;3 Xi

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

where a nice pair of dress pants or a pencil skirt and a nice button up to the church. like a suit type. And a tea lengh dress to the reception. try for for wedding and macys. com for reception

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

something that is black. black is very cute and sexy. yeah but then you should wear light color since its hot and it looks nice during summer.

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

ok deff stay away from white.. well you probably know already to because everyone knows the bride will most likely wear white and you dont want to look better than her!

so here are a few dresses that i thought where really pretty!

[by the way these are all from nordstrom]

good luck!

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

Well , no one should have to tell you this, because I know you are a smart girl. White is only fro the bride. Since it is more like a Summer wedding go with something light, but heavenly. Something that would accentuate your curves. It doesn't have to be long or short, it can also be knee length. Try these colors. Beige, lilac,baby pink, yellow, baby blue, champagne, with a hint of gold. But one question why would you want to change for the reception? I mean the only person who normally does that is the Bride and sometimes both the bride and the groom.

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

Well girl, that really depends on your personality and your style a great deal. im a fun flirty girly feel most comfortable wearing a dress something made of light fabrics and is quite flowy and plain, that can also look sexy and sophisticated for the reception and for evening.You can accessorise too as much or as little as you want, and still where the classic dress to any other event, so its practical too. id wear pearls.when it comes to formal events i like to stick to my shop of all time: (think you can buy online)

i had seen some 1930's styled dresses with simple embroidery.this actually might be their old stock. im sure they're due for a sale though

or if that doesnt suit you, how about a simple trouser suit with a low cut neck and a tiny classic 1930's hat: with a feather and netting

try: - good prices

but black is a definate NO NO.

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

Buy the dress from Vera Wang or Laundry by Shelli Segal, Wow amazing dresses with even more amazing prices! Have fun

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

if your not like a bridesmade i would suggest something formal...but not overkill. Try this for the wedding or this (but not in white cause the brides the only to wear white) for the reception, something more fun like this

Outfits for a wedding I am attending?

Well i am confused on why you would change clothes mid-shindig, but I am sure you have reasons. Anyways for the actual wedding, go more formal, a nice tea length full skirt dress in medium tones, not dark! Things along these lines:

Now for the reception, if feasible and it's appropriate, opt for a more festive, party style dress, keep modesty in mind but don't dress old, go lighter on the color too:

With either outfit wear nice tall heels, that compliment the color of the dress, no necklace, dangle earrings, and fun bangles. For make up at the wedding do soft natural make up, for the reception glam it up, smokier eyes, soft cheeks and lips, wear your hair in a messy chignon take it down if you want, other wise leave it up for the recpetion too. Hope this helps and you have a great time, congrats to the couple!

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