Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey there, needing some fashion help?

hey thanks for the help in advance, much needed. I have a wedding to attend, this'll be my first and clueless on what to wear. Id obviously like to look formal but at the same time stand out some.

light skinned hispanic

medium length "shaggy" hair

5'10/ 140 lbs

style consists of skater/beach attire.

I like pin stripe?

Hey there, needing some fashion help?

A really nice pinstripe suit with a dark shirt and a bold tie would make a real statement, and a good one. It's a fashion forward look and I see skaters wearing pinstripe skater pants and suspenders. It's a cool look for younger guys and turning it into a dress-up suit look would be quite expressive of your identity, yet still appropriate for a wedding. If I were shopping with you, I would get a bold light colour tie, such as silver-grey, matching suspenders and a matching belt. Or gold, or something fun and funky like pink or light purple. Have fun with your look and be brave!

Hey there, needing some fashion help?

khaki shorts/pants and a blue pinstripe button down

Hey there, needing some fashion help?

Try some fitted dress pants, with a casual blazer or jacket over a nice t-shirt. If you like, winklepickers like Mod kids wore.

Hey there, needing some fashion help?

It really depends on the formality of the event. Unless the wedding is super formal or very informal, a nice suit would fit perfectly. Try something in a subtle pinstripe, such as this grey banana republic suit:

Mix it up with a dark navy logoed tie, and use a tie clip. By avoiding the blue/black suit pattern, you'll already stand out.

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