Sunday, August 2, 2009

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

I have long hair, and I don't know if I should get it done up or stylize or just leave it as is. I have a great hairstylist and he said he could do anything I want so long as I have a photo of the hairstyle that I would want.

This is me, (sorry the picture is kind of small)

and this is the dress I'll be wearing to my formal. (Exact color from the catalogue)

Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks!

Oh and please include pictures, so that I can give them to my hairstylist.

Thanks in advance

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

omg ur well pretty . leave ur hair as it is

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

Not sure about anyone else, but the dress isnt showing up. As far as your hair goes, it looks like you have many layers, So I'd go for an up look with some of it coming down. Like a cascade of tendrils. That is ALWAYS an appealing look. Good luck and have fun!

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

Ask around and find out what the other girls are doing and just go with something completely different that everyone else. You'll stand out from the rest of crowd and everyone will compliment you on how good you look.

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

my comp would not show me the dress pic but you are very pretty! i think i would go with curling it then beretting it on top like most people do simply for everyday but have it all curled

^^^^that website has a lot also :D^^^^^^^^^^^

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

I couldn't get your dress to come up, but the hairstyle I think is so cute is this one!!

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

you should keep your hair down and make it curly at the bottom?

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

First off - to see the dress, when you click on the link and it says it is not available - simply delete the period at the end.

Now, you have a strapless dress - what kind of jewelry were you planning on wearing -

Given the ruffles at the bottom of the dress, I would avoid anything too curly - it might compete with your gown - which also looks like it is textured on the bodice.

I happen to love this hairstyle - it looks like it is simple from the front - but very elegant from the back - if you are having someone do your hair - you do still want something special (the first picture - labelled elegant curled updo)

Good luck!

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

The girls above gave great hairstyle advices. But if you want to dye your hair or change the color of your hair, check out this website.

Knock'em dead girl and have a funny time!

Help! Need advice for the Prom?


Doesn't matter what ya hairstyle or what you wear, the fire department is still going to have to come and put out the FLAMES.....of my LOVE!!!!

Shucks, should have put in for that transfer to your high school! ;-)

Help! Need advice for the Prom?

"G man"...dude, she is way out of your league! LOL!

Anyhow Goldilocks, Mr. T recommends a MOHAWK!

and get your shoulders tattoo too!

That will really "turn on" all the boyz!

LOL !:-P Gotcha back!! :-P;...

Help! Need advice for the Prom?


Go to it's the best!

Since you have long hair, consider these tips.

And I'll smack Jr.T up-side the head for you.

( ) ( )


Help! Need advice for the Prom?

well u could leave it down and curl it

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