Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red tie and black and white dress?

so, my prom is may 19th, and my date's tie is kinda red, but i don't know if it will look good with my black and white cocktail dress..

i was planning on wearing red shoes, a red purse and red lips, but im not sure if it will look good, i also want to wear my black hair loose... do you guys think that will look good on prom, or do i need something MORe formal,??

i dont know and prom is this saturday.. help!!!

Red tie and black and white dress?

i don't think you have to worry about matching you date, but since you already planned the red shoes, purse and lips, i say go for it. depending on the dress you are planning to wear you caould also have a red belt, but make sure they have the same texture.

proms are about you having fun and feeling great so i don't really thing you have to have an up-do. just wear you hair the way you feel more atractive

Red tie and black and white dress?

You are wearing two nuetral colors so anything will look good with them. It may be hard to match your shoes, purse and lips to a tie, so I wouldn't go there. I'd go for something in an updo for your hair, especially if you wear it down want something a little special for your big night. Good Luck and have a good prom

Red tie and black and white dress?

I would go mare formal and get a red dress so that would look good with your black hair trust me!

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